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We provide a professional, cost effective service which offers practical business recommendations and solutions in clear concise reports.

Service approaches are tailored to the particular needs and circumstances which each case uniquely presents and include:

Companies in financial difficulties often find that their problems can intensify more rapidly than they or their bankers could envisage.
A lack of sufficient cash resources is the reason most businesses fail, rather than a lack of profits. Cash flow shortages can quickly have an adverse effect on production, turnover and eventually goodwill.

Our team is available to advise on the extent of and the solution to a company’s problems. Where possible, we can provide a plan for the rescue of a company’s business.
O Analytical Review
O Formulation of Action Plan
O Short Term (must dos), Medium Term (need to dos), Long Term (intend to dos)
O Detailed Operational and Strategic position review
O Reconfiguration of financial facilities
O Negotiations with Suppliers
O Raising additional finance (equity and debt)
O Coaching and ongoing monitoring services